Samantha Who?: The Boss

The Shorter The Hair, The Nicer The Girl

ABC, Mondays, at 9:30PM

Genre: Sitcom

Conceit: Remembering How Entertaining Christina Applegate Is.

Things got Funky (sorry, couldn’t help it) when the other boss of Chapman&Funk shows up.  And he proposes to Sam, just like that.  Apparently, Pre-mantha was having an affair with the then married Funk.  Newly divorced, the billionaire presents a boulder of a ring to Samantha.  She explains the amnesia, and says she doesn’t want to marry him.  What normally takes 22 minutes to do, this show did in about 5.  However, Funk would not be denied.  After winning Sam’s parents’ hearts, Funk wins Sam’s heart.  Not her hand…not yet.

Andrea and Dena both had emotional responses to Funk as well.  Andrea had been in love with the man’s trust fund for years and Pre-mantha knew that when she began her affair.  Apparently Samantha’s integrity has an inverse relationship to her hair length.  Pre-mantha redeems herself when she sabotage’s an NY Andrea’s NY job offer because she cares for her so much that she wants her around.  Ok, she kind of redeems herself.  As for Dena, the dog walker got all check-out novel on Sam’s life.  Wanting to write her own novel, Dena adopted a british accent and dramatizes Sam’s already dramatic life.

And then there was Todd.  We kind of saw this one coming.  Nothing sends a guy who says he’s not into you running into your arms quite like another guy.  Still, Todd’s frustration after he kissed her was pretty fun to see.  Since Funky is actually a likable guy, this should be an interesting showdown.

Final Grade: A-


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