The Hills: Girls Night Out

There\'s More Behind These Eyes Than You Know

MTV, Mondays at 10:00PM

Genre: Reality-ish

Conceit: Watch What Happens When MTV Stops Being Real and Starts Letting Producers Manipulate

“No matter what I do, somebody’s going to be mad.”  Audrina Patridge, you are far wiser than you let on.  Heidi, newly single-ish decided to have a girls night out with Stephanie (who looks bizarrely like her), Audrina, and a random few.  I will admit, Heidi is far more bearable without Spencer.  However, Stephanie would make the unfortunate, but surely producer inspired, mistake of telling Spencer where his ex would be.  Sure enough, the man without a job shows up, generic Brody Jenner stand-in in tow.  And he begins to hit on girls.  (Side-note: are girls really into the jobless, blonde scruff look?)  Now lets be real: this is not Spencer getting caught.  Obviously he knows Heidi’s going to be there.  Obviously he knows that she’s sitting where the big cameras are.  So he makes it a point to teach her a lesson.  And Heidi?  She takes the bait.  And throws possibly every jealous girl cliche at Spencer, who couldn’t play the innocent act if his life depended on it.  “How can you love and hate someone so much?”  I threw up a little bit in my mouth.

Speaking of producer inspired, lets deal with this People’s Revolution, Kelly Cutrone deal.  At this point, the fact that Teen Vogue was pretty much done with The Hills is well understood.  I liked the idea of Whitney going to work elsewhere.  She was always the more career minded of the two (which is a very qualified statement).  I also liked the idea of LC being back at school.  We were supposed to believe she was there the entire time, yet we never saw it.  And then MTV has to foul it up.  I’m sure that People’s Revolution and Cutrone both want the publicity, but seriously?  Did we have to jump through all the hoops of “wow LC, you did such a great job telling people to get in line…can you work for us?”.  Sigh.  Well, Cutrone seems more made-for-reality-TV than Lisa Love did and this Jessica girl seems like she has little tolerance for her career being dictated by MTV, so that should be something worth watching.

Also, LC ratchets up the petty this week.  Audrina mentions that she went out with Heidi and group and explains the drama of the night, only to have LC pull her classic “don’t you know this is about me” schtick, warning Audrina that this is all a ploy to bring Audrina to the dark side.  Which was bizarre because immediately after that, LC’s dark side came out when she let her feelings about Spencer be known.  Overall, this whole LC/Heidi thing is pretty tired.  Like, passed out because it can’t stay awake anymore, tired.

Final Grade: B-


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