The Paper: 4/14/08

Meet the Omorosa of the High School Set

MTV, Mondays at 10:30PM

Genre: Reality

Conceit: All The President’s Boys (and Girls)

So basically, MTV decided to take their “Real Life” concept and apply it to a high school newspaper.  I applaud them for moving out of California’s overexposed (in two different ways), over-privileged  group and into, what I assume, is a brighter crowd.  But I wasn’t really sure what to expect from this show.  I vaguely remember my high school having a school paper, but I remember it was of little consequence.  The only real controversy that arose was when the staff got a hold of some pictures of the Frosh Dance, in which freshman were doing things on the dance floor that…well…i’ll leave that alone.  But that aside, I can’t say that a show about 4 kids vying for high school newspaper editor-in-chief was dynamic enough to be entertaining.

I was only half wrong.

Amanda.  Every reality show needs an Omorosa, and it looks likes its going to be Amanda.  Ambitious, strong willed, determined, and just a little left of cooky.  While other kids are partying and making out, Amanda is at home writing her essay about why she should be editor.  “Procrastination is a foe that I have not met yet” she tells us.  Hubris?  She may soon become acquainted with that vile beast.  For after a day of gloating over being done her essay early, Amanda was too sick to come into school to drop off her essay (don’t worry: mom to the rescue).  However, turns out that she’s not terribly loved by her peers.  Go figure.  There are other kids, true, but the pilot at least paints Amanda as the girl this is going to center around.  

Man, kids are harsh.  What was a dinner of friends just becomes a “lets hate on Amanda while she’s not here, and then call her and hate on her more” session.  This begs the question: I am willing to say that high school kids are high school kids and petty-ness dissipates with time (maybe), but man, that whole scene just seemed unbelievable.  Basically MTV tried to find the most over-the-top group they could.  So at least MTV stays true to MTV.  

And the winner is…Amanda.  While the key players all received different editor positions, Amandorosa is our new-editor-in-chief.  Amanda met this with her own deafening scream and everyone else’s deafening silence.  And then there’s Giana (sp?).  The only honest, genuine member of the bunch.  She’s the only one who can tell Amanda how she feels without being petty.  She may be the only watchable character in this show.

But what’s the real question is how interesting is this?  Not very.  It feels over dramatic, and before you say that all reality is over dramatic, its not even something that’s even compelling.  This falls into one of those shows where the people in the show really care, but no one else does.  Sorry.

Final Grade: C

On a side note, if this is supposed to be the greatest part of her life, Amanda, I pity you.


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