Hell’s Kitchen: Day 3

FOX, Tuesdays at 9:00PM

Genre: Reality

Conceit: Like Top Chef, But Less About Food And More About Violent Yelling

One step forward and two steps back.  That seems to be the trend with this season’s motley crew of chef wannabes.  In general, the group has done better than the kitchens in the past.  The fact that, by Day 2, they were already serving entrees puts the way past the original cast.  But that all would come to a grinding halt this week.

This week’s challenge involved cutting up a whole chicken.  I won’t lie: when Chef Ramsey first made the group catch the live chickens, and then he put a meat cleaver to the chicken’s head, I really cringed.  Though half of me knew he wouldn’t do it, the other half really believed he would.  Fortunately, the first half won out, and the kitchen found themselves tasked with cutting up a whole chicken.  I really am digging these challenges.  More than coming up with a good meal, it actually challenges the chefs to do something practical.  And the women did well.  The men, on the other hand, didn’t even get a chance to see how well they did.  After Craig worked until the buzzer to get his chicken cut up, he only had 2 out of a possible 8 pieces that were acceptable, and so the men mathematically couldn’t win.  And the men all began turning on Craig.

I’m not going to talk about the guys’ punishment, or the girls’ reward, as neither was really anything of note.  Not even with the “surprise” at the girls’ reward.

Dinner service was a mess.  It really was.  But before that happened, Chef Ramsey did what he’s done the last two times: he asked the guys what was on the menu; specifically he asked Jason.  This is what I don’t get.  He’s done this everytime.  How is it that the guys aren’t prepared for it?  Jason found himself running up to the room to memorize desserts.  

Craig’s woes from the challenge continued as he would not communicate with his kitchen and couldn’t get his food cooked in time.  Ben, who’s quietly been the golden boy of the blue team, faltered when he couldn’t cook any of the salmon up to task.  The only member of the guys’ team that had a good night was Bobby, the self-proclaimed Black Gordan Ramsey.  He would foul that up by celebrating his personal victory in he face of his team’s defeat.

On the girls’ side, Christina had a good moment with the appetizers, and that would be it for the girls.  Rosann couldn’t get things together in the kitchen this week anymore than she could as a hostess last week.  And Vanessa just couldn’t keep it together, having to step out to cry for a moment.

Eventually, Chef Ramsey called both sides failures and asked for a nominee from both.  Once we saw that it was Vanessa and Jason, there was no question who it was going to be.  Jason, who’s over-the-top ranting about how women should be cleaning and blah-dee-blah actually asked to leave in the middle of service because he couldn’t memorize the menu.  Chef Ramsey uncharacteristically encouraged him and he stayed, only to fail miserably at the dessert station.  And so Jason, a loud moth with little talent is gone.  And yet, at the end of Day 3, there really is no one to believe in.  As both sides have flirted with getting to serve desserts, only to take a huge step back, there is really no one in the group that seems to have any hopes at all.

But that won’t stop me from watching.  Oh no it won’t.

Final Grade: B+


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