30 Rock: Subway Hero

NBC, Thursdays at 8:30PM

Genre: Sitcom

Conceit: Less About SNL and More About Tina Fey Not Having Time To Write SNL.

“We’re like Ross and Rachel, except not gay.”  There are just some lines that Dean Winters’ “Dennis Duffy” was just born to deliver.  And, as history shows, any episode of 30 Rock with The Beeper King in it is that much better than any episode without him.  When the newly exonerated from his “To Catch Predator” fiasco Dennis seemingly saves someone’s life in the subway, he becomes an overnight celebrity, even warranting a guest appearance from Mayor Bloomberger.  Jack wants the new celebrity to guest star on the show and wants Liz to use her “in” to make it happen.  Dennis, however, wants to have this “crazy on again off again” relationship to turn on again.  And resist as she may, Liz can’t help but be pulled into his blackhole.  Its easy to be with Dennis, Liz tells us; it requires no work on her part.  She’s Sally Field to his Subway Hero.  And just like that, Dennis repels the throngs who worshipped him and Liz in one fell swoop.  Classic Dennis.  And just like that, Liz goes back to Dennis.  Classic Liz.  And just like that, Dennis reminds Liz why they’re not together.  Classic Dennis.

Meanwhile, Jack is trying to find a way to garner more celebrity support for his McCain Fundraiser, supported by the Committee To Reinvade Vietnam.  While this leads to some great Tracey moments, the real star of the show had to be Dotcom, who’s two lines with Jack had to be the funniest he’s ever uttered.

Tim Conway also made an appearance as former TV star Bucky Bright, who Jack initially considered for his fundraiser.  Kenneth, enamored by his hero, decided to give Bucky a tour, only to find out that the star from a more wholesome time of television was pretty unwholesome.  Conway could actually duel Winters for who had the best lines of the show.  Either way, we win.

Final Grade: A+


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