Scrubs: My Manhood

NBC, Thursday at 9:30PM (for now)

Genre: Sitcom

Conceit: Imagine If Grey’s Anatomy Was Funny…And Just Better.

Man, that had to be the most uncomfortable first 10 seconds of an episode ever.  I just wanted to say that.

JD goes through a crisis of testosterone when Dr. Cox reminds him over and over of how unmanly he is.  While this may seem like old ground, its all new because now JD has a son he has to butch up for.  Which results in JD landing a accidently punch straight to Turk’s nose, which JD takes credit for.  This show really does work the best when JD and Turk are the focus.  And then it went completely elsewhere.  Turk was the one actually needing his manhood reinforced, after he had one of his testicles removed (BTW, one of the best fantasy sequences in a LLOOOONNNGGG time).  This also resulted in one of the more truly touching moments in a long while.

The Brain-Trust gets together and decides to put our their own paper, cleverly called the The Janitorial, about the comings and goings around Sacred Heart.  Perry does the very Coxian thing of insulting the paper and incurring Janitor’s (the person, not the paper…but the paper as well) wrath.  According to The Janitorial, Perry is all warm and gooey under his tough, rough, springy curl exterior.  To rectify the constant outreached arms that Cox feels now, he finally apologizes and lets Janitor right a real story about Perry.  Without Perry being needed to for the interview.

The show also picked up on the fact that Dr. Kelso was getting forced out of his job, when Dr. Elliot found her wedgie free self in the guys bathroom.  And then they really dropped the ball on it.  I can only assume that its because they plan on picking it up in a whole episode soon.

I’ll be honest: this show has been floundering for a solid season and a half.  I think its mostly because last season was supposed to be a wrap up season, and they got an extension.  Now this season may be the exact same thing.  However, this episode covered new ground, which was something that has been sorely missing.  Even in the face of a possible jump to a new network, lets hope the show sticks on the path its on.

Ted also had a great re-occurring gap.

Continuity news: MadTV’s Michael MacDonald returns as someone who may or may not have been his same character.  Good to see him, anyways.

Final Grade: B


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