The Office: The Chairmodel

NBC, Thursdays at 9:00PM

Genre: Sitcom

Conceit: Its Funny Because Its Oh So True.

Man the opening teaser itself was just hilarious on its own.  Especially Kevin sitting on the curb, broken down (though I’m sure the breakup with Stacey didn’t help; nor did Michael’s “You didn’t deserve her” comforting).  These background players don’t get enough credit.

This episode was about Michael moving on, after a less than stellar dinner party last week ended her relationship with Jan.  His plan?  Have everyone in the office right down the name of an available friend for him to try out.  (Kevin gets the award for the best gag: Wendy, a big, juicy Redhead)  Dwight, in classic Dwight mode, made it his life’s mission to find the office supply merchandise chairmodel that sent Michael into this need for love.  Only, she died and broke Michael’s heart.  So in pity, Pam suggests setting up Michael with her landlady, Margaret.  Oh Pamalamadingdong, why would you ever Michael Scott anyone?  It went how you expected: a combination of warm with absolute wrong, ending with Michael’s righteous indignation.  And further ending with Michael’s new plan: wait until next year’s catalogue comes out and find a new chairmodel.  Ahh, Michael.  At least it ended with classic Michael and Dwight.

Which leads to Pam and Jim upping the ante on their relationship.  Who would’ve thunk it?  Michael Scott ends up being the thing the reinforces our fate in Jam…or Pim.  Pam’s the classy girl we want her to be.  She won’t move in with someone who hasn’t proposed.  And Jim…man, that guy makes us look bad, doesn’t he?  By the way, his gag at the end…PRICELESS!

Meanwhile, construction at Dunder Mifflin Scranton’s neighbor, W.B. Jones, lead the employees to park in the satellite lot, which is apparently a fate worse than death.  So Kevin decides its time to bring together The Five Families; the organizations that share the office building.  This was great, if only to see each company’s commercial.  Come to think about it, this was truly a Kevin episode, which turns out to be a great thing.  Especially when Kevin wins one.

Oh, and “Bernard…Andy is me” did a dance at the end.  Which made up for not doing much the entire episode.

Final Grade: A


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