How I Met Your Mother: Sandcastles In The Sand

CBS, Mondays at 8:00PM

Genre: Sitcom

Conceit: 20-Something

Huh.  If you had told me the end of this episode at the beginning of the episode, I wouldn’t have believed you.  But more about that later.

Going into tonight’s show, there was one real draw: Robin Sparkles.  The first music video of this little known Canadian pop star was pretty amazing.  If you haven’t seen it, you must:

So Robin’s Canadian accent was creeping back, and so was an ex-beau.  And as the gang pointed out, whenever you see an ex again, one of them has to “win”.  This is one of those great truths that the show pulls out.  The second proof that they addressed is that we see those we once admired as if we were seeing them in the past, and so while the gang saw that the ex was balding, overweight, and stuck in a delusion of making it as a rock star, Robin was stuck in her own delusion of who he was.  This story pretty much went the way you’d expect.  Actually, it went exactly how you’d expect.  And it wasn’t exactly interesting getting there either.

Meanwhile, the revelation of the ex also brought up the existence of another Robin Sparkles video.  Which set Barney off on a task to find it.  This was the only draw of the episode.  We knew if we stuck around long enough, we’d get to see the video.  Barney walks in on Robin, who just got dumped.  And guess what: he was caring.  And charming.  And completely un-Barney.  And it really worked.  And exactly as you’d expect, Robin let him watch the video.  What a disappointment.  Whereas “Let’s Go To The Mall” was fun 80’s garbage, “Sandcastles in the Sand” was…nothing at all really.  It was so underwhelming that it took the air out of a rather aimless episode.  But Barney and Robin kept watching it.

And then they kissed.  Which honestly, even if you had a feeling it may happen, didn’t seem like it was going to.  But when it did, something about it felt…right?  The thing is, I don’t know how much that has to do with it actually being right, or with the writer positioning Barney as charming and consoling so it would be right.

Regardless, that was the only highlight of the rather bland episode.  Here’s hoping the show goes somewhere worthwhile from here.

Oh, here’s the new video:

Final Grade: C+


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