The Paper: 4/21/08

MTV, Mondays at 10:30PM

Genre: Reality

Conceit: All the President’s Boys (and Girls).

So Summer’s done and school’s back.  And the newly elected editorial board is stepping up to manage their own paper.  And Amanda got a new nose (I won’t go on a rant about how ridiculous High School plastic surgery is, though I really want to).  With the new editor-in-chief having to get a speech to the new incoming staff, we have to endure a rather forced segment of Amanda talking out loud to her dog and then to herself in the mirror.  The speech itself ends up going rather well.  Then Alex goes and undercuts Amanda with a rather sarcastic speech of his own.  And then Amanda loses control of the meeting.  Then we watch her talk to herself again.  Man seriously, producers, get her someone to be a sounding board.

Three cheer’s for Alex’s mom.  Its rare that a parent on any reality show parent is actually levelheaded and gives good advice.  So I applaud this aberration.  Alex and Amanda were friends at one point (and she apparently loved him when they were in Hebrew School), but drifted over the summer, partly due to her getting editor-in-chief over him.  At Amanda’s semi-failed ice cream social, they seemed to patch things up.  Until Alex stabs him in the back in front of his friends.  Ahh, High School.

Adam, though painfully annoying, he was shaping out to be an interesting character.  And then he said that “we put the paper in news paper” and ended that possibility.  And where was Giana, the only likable character on this show?  This show still fails to be interesting or compelling.  One more week and I’m done with it.

Final Grade: C


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