Hell’s Kitchen: Day 4

FOX, Tuesdays at 9:00PM

Genre: Reality

Conceit: Like Top Chef, But Less About Food, And More About Violent Yelling.

I finally figured out how this show is completely different than Top Chef.  While Top Chef is about finding a culinary master, Hell’s Kitchen is about finding a general to run the back of the house of a restaurant.  Not interested in letting the chef’s get some sleep, Chef Ramsey had the crew clean up the kitchen from last night’s work.  And then the next morning, the chef’s faced a challenged of making fresh pasta.  Both of these tasks are following in line of the show’s aim of making chef’s who actually know how the kitchen works.

Chef Ramsey decided to switch it up a little bit, for service, by having the chefs work off a new, family style menu.  He also decided whoever finished a complete service tonight would automatically be the winning team.  One was conducive towards the other as even Chef Ramsey admitted the new menu, consisting of chowder, spaghetti, and burgers was by far the easiest the show had seen.

For some reason, I don’t want Jen to succeed.  Maybe it’s her cockiness.  But man, I can’t deny that the girl gets it done.  She had a flawless night of leading the girl’s kitchen and deserved to be declared the lead in the show, which she was.  Meanwhile, my early pick to win it all, Ben, continues to flounder.  And Chef Ramsey is making sure he knows it.

WIth the girls easily winning the night, Bobby was faced with putting two into the frying pan.  He chose Craig, who’s awful run last week carried over into this week, and Matt, who just had an awful night.  And then Chef Ramsey did what he does best: he was honest.  One of the best parts of this show is that, alliances be darned, Ramsey wants to make sure that the worst person on the show is gone at the end of the episode.  So he asked the person, whom he would not name, who knows they should be on the chopping block to step up.  Sure enough, Ben did.  And then Chef Ramsey made the right choice and sent Craig home.  He made sure, however, that Ben knew his days are numbered if he doesn’t step up.  Chef Ramsey’s honesty, though obviously enhanced for television, is the thing that makes this show work in the face of less than compelling contestants.

Final Grade: A


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