Something Completely Different: Mighty Avengers #12

Publisher: Marvel

Brian Michael Bendis has decidedly made a name for himself in the comic books business.  Indy cred aside, with a strong run on Daredevil, Bendis positioned himself as a guy to watch in the industry.  And then Marvel let him destroy the Avengers.  Bendis took the Avengers, as the world knew them, and literally destroyed them.  Then he rebuilt the group with 2 recognizable faces and a bunch of people you would never expect to be Avengers.  All the while, he rocketed the book past Marvel’s premiere team book, X-Men.

And it was all part of his plan to destroy the Marvel Universe.

The Skrulls are invading.  This shape-shifting alien race, which has hated the Earth for decades, is finally about to make their move.  Bendis has been building up to this “Secret Invasion” across several of the books he’s worked on, including “Secret War”, “New Avengers”, Mighty Avengers”, and “New Avengers: Illuminati”.  And now he’s explaining it.

With Mighty Avengers #12, Bendis rewinds the Marvel Universe to right after Nick Fury is forced into exile after his failed Secret War.  This character, whom we’re heard literally nothing from for years, has been watching.  Surviving a hit against his own life by the Skrulls, Fury has been plotting and planning.  He has been fighting for humanity from the sidelines.  With this issue, we are lead to ask how he has been doing it.  From the final panel, Bendis begs a huge question: was the chance meeting of the New Avengers which reformed the team ever really chance?  Or did Fury maneuver everything, including the Raft breakout from New Avengers #1, to insure that team would form?

I agree that at times these mega crossovers that comic books do can be tiring.  But man, if Bendis has been planning this as thoroughly and as long as I think, Secret Invasion may be the real deal after all.

Final Grade: A-


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