30 Rock: Succession

NBC, Thursdays at 9:30PM

Genre: Sitcom

Conceit: Less About SNL and More About Tina Fey Not Having Time To Write SNL

Hmm…so NBC puts it faith in this show, bumps Scrubs back to 8:30, and drops this show at 9:30 with The Office as a lead-in.  And they deliver this episode?  Mind you, it wasn’t a “bad” episode, per se.  But it was a plot episode.  It was about moving the story forward.  But…eh…it wasn’t that great, was it?

This Don Geiss story, while a good story throughout the last two seasons, has really been stalled for sometime.  Unless Tina Fey has a theory I haven’t thought of yet, Jack can’t become chairman of NBC without losing the Jack/Liz interactions that power the show.  So no one really expects it to happen.  So why does the show keep belaboring the point with these “almost, but wait, there’s a twist” episodes.  The only highlight would have to be Will Arnett, and the hope of more Will Arnett to come.

Tracey’s quest to impress his children by making a great pornographic videogame (you have to give the show credit not loving its ridiculousness) was a decent side story.  The best part of this “Amadeus” spoof had to be the slow motion running of a caped Dr. Leo Spaceman (back from his stint on the criminally underrated “Miss Guided”) through the halls.  Also, Frank got some great moments in during what was a ho-hum episode overall.

Final Grade: C+ 


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