Grey’s Anatomy: Where The Wild Things Are

ABC, Thursdays at 9:00PM

Genre: Drama

Conceit: A Day to Day In Seattle’s Metaphor Hospital.

I think I’ve finally been able to put my finger on why this show has been floundering for the last, oh, 2.5 seasons.  Its half an hour too long.  Grey’s first have, the set up as it were, is always solid.  And then they manage to really foul it up in the second half.  The set ups this episode were simple: 1.  There’s a surgery competition going on.  2.  George and Lexie are living in a comically bad apartment.  3.  Derek is sleeping with someone who isn’t Meredith (ok, this one isn’t that great of a set up, but anyway…).

Izzy is annoying.  I mean so so so annoying.  And her character has not grown AT ALL since the beginning of the series, other than in the annoying department.  I really had hope for her this episode where she had a HILARIOUS prat fall in the opening teaser.  But things go downhill very fast.  Per usual, she gets the loser patient, over treats for the sake of winning the contest, she doesn’t come close to winning, and the Chief gives her a pep talk at the end.

I can’t believe I’m going to say this: I actually liked Lexie this episode.  The reoccurring gag of her stealing from the hospital was actually really well done.  She has some great comedic timing.  The writers should use it more.  However, all the love I gained for her fell apart at the end.  Why does this show ALWAYS insist on monologuing.  I mean really.  It sucks the life out of the show.  Stop it.

Derek and the nurse.  I actually like her tons.  Which is why I’m annoyed that this isn’t going to last.  Even if I didn’t know that the producers are putting Derek and Meredith back together again, I would know this isn’t going to last.  The show is about Derek and Meredith.  So that’s that.  So this is just filler.  Which is a shame because, as I stated, I like the nurse.  The one good point in this story was a rather comic moment with McSteamy.

Meredith had potential for rising above all of this background garbage.  And then she gleefully screamed out the word “tumor” in probably the worst acted moment ever.  I have to believe they did 15 takes on that, and then gave up.  It was awful.

George is the only one who came out well in this episode.  And that’s because he’s an intern and thus not subject to all this stupid pettiness.  Which makes me think, this show was so much better in the first season when they were just starting out as interns.  But here we are, a long 3 seasons later.

Final Grade: C


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