Smallville: Sleeper

CW, Thursdays at 8:00PM

Genre: Sci-Fi Drama

Conceit: Superboy Meets World

It really was spy vs. spy tonight as Jimmy Olsen was hired by the Department of Domestic Security to investigate possible terroristic activities by his lady love, Chloe Sullivan.  And did Jimmy spy it up, in true James Bond style.  Was any of this even the slightest bit believable?  Not really.  Even if we buy that someone from the DDS handed Jimmy a briefcase filled with cool gadgets, his kung fu fighting and cat like agility seemed to appear out of nowhere.

But who cares?

Aaron Ashmore could easily be one of the better people to inhabit the Jimmy Olsen persona in a long while.  He’s got the goofy charm and yet the heroic ambitions down pat.  And he’s just fun to watch.  And while I’ll always be on the “Clark and Chloe” train, I have to admit that Jimmy and Chloe have some serious chemistry.  They were nothing less than a delight to watch this episode.  The episode was just escapist fun.

Lex, meanwhile, continues on his master of the universe path.  He flies to Sweden to find a safe deposit box that Veritas was keeping.  In a scene reminiscent of “The DaVinci Code”, Lex finds what I assume is a historic compass which points somewhere.  This will surely point to The Fortress, if I know my Smallville.

The oddest part of this week’s episode had to be that Clark was barely around.  And the episode was still solid.  This will always be Tom Welling’s show, but it was nice to see that in his absence, the show still works well.  However, he did reappear at the end to set up what I’m sure is going to be a huge episode in the series next week.

Final Grade: B+


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