The Office: Night Out

NBC, Thursdays at 9:00PM

Genre: Sitcom

Conceit: Its Funny Because Its Oh So True.

This episode could’ve been called The Bizarro Office.  Up was Down; Left was Right; Dwight was Jim.

Because the Dunder Mifflin Infinity website was glitchy (and apparently allowed sexual predators to operate), the Scranton staff would have to come in on a Saturday to enter phone orders into the website.  Jim came up with the wise plan to stay an extra four hours on Friday night and bang it out, so they don’t have to come in Saturday.  Everyone loves him.  Jim forgets to tell the building security, who locks the parking lot closed with everyone in there.  Pam locks the office door behind her, locking everyone out of the officer.  Everyone hates Jim and Pam.  Pam also throws a football in Meredith’s face.  Everyone hates Pam (but I laughed out loud).

Meanwhile, a desperately lonely Michael heads to NYC with Dwight in tow to party it up with Ryan.  And Ryan was thrilled to see them.  And terribly nice.  Like I said, up was down.  We’d find out soon enough that Ryan has been, ahem, powdering his nose way too much.  His life isn’t as awesome as he makes it out to be.  And yet Dwight was actually fighting off a gorgeous blonde.  Left was right.

The only constant this night was Michael Scott.  This guy.  He couldn’t find a thing to eat in a grocery store.  Yet his naiveté was pretty strong tonight.  He can’t even tell when two different girls are not interested.  And when Ryan is crying out for help.  Ahh well.  Scott is as Scott does.

Final Grade: A 


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