How I Met Your Mother: The Goat

CBS, Mondays at 8:00PM

Genre: Sitcom

Conceit: 20-something.

They brought the Barney.  There were many reasons that I didn’t like last week’s episode.  One of them, probably the most resonating, was that Barney’s characterization seemed like it happened just for the sake of the episode.  This week, the good Mr. Stinson returned.  And he brought the Bro Code with him.  Barney was freaking out in the wake of sleeping with Robin because he knew that he betrayed Ted.  He hired Marshall to comb over the the Bro Code (which his ancestor, who was a contemporary of Benjamin Franklin and George Washington D.C., wrote) to find a loop hole to alleviate his guilt over violating the “You Never Do Your Bro’s Ex” article of the code.  When he couldn’t Barney tried to butter Ted up by taking him to Vegas for his 30th birthday before dropping the bomb.  Unfortunately, Robin beat him to the punch.  In classic Ted style, he told Robin that it was no big deal.  We expected this.  Ted’s always been able to rise above.  Unfortunately for Barney, he couldn’t forgive this Bro Code infringement.  Ted actually reacted very honestly, and within character.  He cut Barney out of his life.  But the real winner of this ep was Barney.  He really showed his devotion to Ted in his desperation for forgiveness.  Moreover, when Ted wouldn’t do it, Barney really seemed like the teflon man finally got scratched.

On a side note, there was the running gag with a goat which was going to do something absolutely “shocking”.  I kind of figured that the buildup was all schlock and that either the goat doesn’t do anything, or we wouldn’t see it.  I was right with the latter, as future Ted told us that the goat wasn’t at his place for his 30th, but instead his 31st.  While this could easily just be a gag, it was an easter egg.  At some point in the next year, Robin moves into Ted’s apartment.

Final Grade: A-


One Response

  1. Well, let’s be fair: Robin moves into THAT apartment – whether it is still Ted’s at that point is still up in the air, which makes that particular bit of foreshadowing all the more vague.

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