The Hills: A Date With The Past

MTV, Mondays at 10:00PM

Genre: Reality-ish

Conceit: Watch What Happens When MTV Stops Being Real And Starts Letting Producers Manipulate

This episode set the tone really early.  The fact that Audrina has her own “house” in the back of the girls’ house kind of gives you an idea where everyone stands.  Sure, this could be about the girls being older and needing privacy, but methinks this is a bad sign. (We’re not going to talk about how I think the girls can’t afford the house.)  Also, LC and Lo talked about how LC couldn’t go shopping with Audrina but now her and Lo could hang out all the time.  If you didn’t think the days of LC and Audrina weren’t numbered before…

If memory serves me right, Lo was the one who began the Justin-Bobby mockery when he first arrived.  Audrina didn’t like it then.  Why did Lo think that Audrina like it now?  I would say that Lo is just insensitive, but I prefer to think she’s smart enough to know what she has to do to stay on the show.  A cleaner cut Justin-Bobby arrived at the A-L-L House Warming party and sat down with Audrina, who let her feelings about everyone else’s feelings about her and Justin be known…to Justin.  

Dear Heidi, stop saying “you’re kidding” everytime that Stephanie brings up hanging out with LC.  If she wasn’t kidding the first time, she’s not kidding any other time after that.  And yet you managed to guilt Steph into skipping in favor of sitting and watching a movie with Heidi.  Score one for Team Heidi.  I guess.  The fact that this “story” hasn’t moved forward in a couple episodes is rather…well…annoying.  Stephanie has begun filling Whitney’s old role as exposition girl.  She’s now the girl who says “really?  what happened?”.  

Stephen Colletti.  Apparently he took enough time off from guest starring on One Tree Hill to pop back in for his requisite appearance.  Isn’t he dating someone famous?  I also don’t know this for sure, but was LC wearing one of her own designs to the dinner?  Turns out the least front and center people are the most insightful.  Last week it was Justin-Bobby.  This week it was Stephen who pretty much told LC if she wants to be in Audrina’s life, do it.  Well anyways, as expected, Stephen crushed LC’s too high expectations that they’d get back together.  It was pretty close to desperate that LC had to keep reaching back to high school to make Stephen care.  Didn’t this exact same thing happen with Jason last season?  LC at least had enough dignity lie to Lo and make it seem like she didn’t want Stephen.  

Spencer complains about loyalty blah blah still has no job blah blah sits around blah blah.

Man, nothing happened in this episode at all.

Final Grade: C-


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