Lost: Something Nice Back Home

ABC, Thursdays at 10:00PM

Genre: Sci-Fi Drama

Conceit: The Thinking Man’s Gilligan’s Island.

Man, Jack and Kate just can’t get it together, huh?  Tonight’s episode found Jack on the verge of having a perforated appendix.  Juliet rushed to his aid, only to be swept aside as Jack revealed who the real girl in his life is.  We flash forwarded to Jack’s future (our past or our present?).  This takes place after Hurley’s flash forward and after Kate’s flash forward.  Jack has made his peace with who Aaron is and has taken to shacking up with Kate and playing house.  For once, all is well in Jack’s life.  And then Hurley fouls it up.  Jack goes to visit a mentally sick Hurley who refuses to go back on his meds.  He tells Jack that Charlie came to him and told him that Jack can’t raise “him”.  Of course Jack takes this to mean Aaron and loses his mind.  This is a great reference to Claire’s story, where the fortune teller convinces Claire that she must raise Aaron.  Combined with constant visions of his father Christian, Jack begins his downward spiral towards drugs and alcohol we all know he’s going to hit.  And he ends whatever he and Kate had.  Finding out that Kate secretly ran an errand for Sawyer she promised she would, we get a reference to something that’s going to happen soon, when Jack says that Sawyer chose to stay back while Jack saved Kate.

Speaking of the man named James, Sawyer leads Claire and Miles through the jungle when Miles has one of his visions and finds the bodies of Carl and Danielle.  This was only done to remind us that Miles has a weird connection to the dead (which is one of only two really sci-fi things we’ve seen so far, Desmond’s time travel being the other).  This was important because when Miles saw Christian lead Claire away, we are still lead to wonder whether he’s alive or dead.  Either way, Claire is gone, leaving Sawyer with Aaron.

Jin proved again that there is no one more brave and completely dedicated to his loved one than he is.  

Final Grade: A-


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  1. great post.
    i havent watched the new episode yet
    but this post makes me want to watch it right now.
    can i quote some of your sentences for my own blog?

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