Scrubs: My Waste of Time

NBC, Thursdays at 8:30PM (for now)

Genre: Sitcom

Conceit: Imagine if Grey’s Anatomy Was Funny…And Just Better.

Well, a genuinely funny episode of Scrubs.  I’ve missed it.  The oddest part of it had to be that JD and Eliot were barely around the entire time.

With Kelso gone, Dr. Cox got to play interim chief, or more accurately, Chief Dr. Cox.  What does this mean?  he pawns stuff onto Ted.  Maybe its just an occupational perk.  Janitor steps in to warns Ted to avoid walking down the same path again.  And it happened: Ted grew a spine.  He said no.  To everything.  It was Ted’s time to shine.  More appropriately, it was The Brain Trust’s time to shine.  A great concept which had been floundering for the last couple seasons really found its footing again.  And The Todd got some great lines in to boot.

Meanwhile, last week’s story involving Turk’s lonely boy carried over to this week.  After some pretty funny site gags and fantasies, Turk and Carla found themselves discussing the possibility of having another child.  Again, I find myself viewing everything in terms of this being written when the show was nearing its series finale.  With that being not true anymore, what would be an endearing series finale story turns into something the viewers don’t want again.  But all that aside, these two showed why they’re the real couple this show is based around.

Speaking of the “other” couple, JD and Eliot found themselves waiting in a parking lot so Eliot could see an old patient who made need her help suing the hospital.  This turned out to be a ruse, as Eliot just wanted to spend more time together.  She realized that their relationship had changed so much over the years.  Snooze.  This is the same story that these two always seem to come back to.  Fortunately it didn’t take up a substantial part of the episode.

But even that could be saved by the following phrase: Legal Custodians.  Funniest gag in a long time.

Final Grade: B+


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