House: Living The Dream

FOX, Mondays at 9:00PM

Genre: Drama

Conceit: Who Needs Bedside Manners?

House kidnapping someone to treat them.  Well that’s random.  Mostly because House doesn’t care about the patients who come in for treatment.  Turns out the actor who’s pivotal to his favorite soap opera may have a tumor.  Or so House divined by watching episodes.  It was pretty funny to watch House run tests on Evan Grier himself, while digging for plot spoilers.  It was even funnier to watch him drug the Grier so he couldn’t leave (when’s the last time House went that over the top?).  Jason Lewis turns in a rather compelling performance as a soap opera actor who is well aware that he is merely a soap opera actor.

Cudday is taking an accredidation inspector around the hospital, which means she needs to keep House on a leash.  This means Cameron has to sit and do file work in House’s diagnostic room.  That actually was nice.  Since she placed herself on equal footing with House near the end of season 1, no one handles House better.  It was also nice to see that Cameron desperately wants to be in diagnostic medicine again, even if she won’t admit it.  It was nice to see her out of scrubs again.  It was even better when Cameron pointed out what we all know: 13 and Cameron are really inter-posable.  The problem with this is that it really shines a light on Foreman’s impotence in his new role.  He doesn’t really do anything anymore other than run interference between House and the crew.  And it backfired this episode.  It wasn’t until the end of the episode that we saw classic House-Foreman sparring.  We need to see more of this.

Wilson and Amber.  This was rather…well…interesting.  House’s theory that Wilson is dating She-House really proved itself tonight.  Amber gave Wilson a choice on picking their joint mattress.  Wilson did what Wilson does: he picked the one he knew would make Amber happy.  And she yelled at him, in true House style, though more lovingly.  Apparently Amber believes Wilson’s relationships fail because he feels the need to take care of the lady.  She doesn’t need to be taken care of.  She just wants Wilson.  This also leads to a rather endearing moment when Wilson final makes a decision of his own.  Didn’t really work out, though.

But in the end, House was wrong.  And he admitted it.  He figured it out in the end, but he was wrong.  And he admitted it.  Hmm.

Final Grade: B+


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