How I Met Your Mother: Rebound Bro

CBS, Mondays at 8:00PM

Genre: Sitcom

Conceit: 20-something.

Barney is on the hunt for a new wingman in the wake of the end of his bromance with Ted.  After a series of failed requests including Robin, Barney takes Randy (SNL’s Will Forte), who applied before the job was even available.  He had to learn.  Apparently you can’t use the word “bro” in the name of a failed Democratic vice presidential candidate (Broseph Lieberman).  But Barney was ready to take him under his nurturing wing.  Forte really steals the show in a series of horrible misfires, the best one being when he tells a girl his favorite part of a Koala bear.  Robin comes along for exposition sake and tells Barney what we all know: he’s coping with losing Ted by jumping back into the bro market.  The show does pair up Barney and Robin again.  It may have been really as friends, but I think they’re leading us to somewhere we already know.

Sarah Chalke returned as Ted’s ladylove, Stella.  Things are going great between the two, with one qualification: they haven’t been intimate.  When pressed, Stella admits she’s nervous because she hasn’t done it in a long time.  Ted thinks she’s been dormant as long as he is: 5 months.  Its actually that times twelve, which places a lot of pressure on Ted.  That pressure was relieved when Stella finds out that Ted told his friends about her drought, much to her embarrassment.  In Ted’s defense, its really not something a friend should blurt out knowing to a friend’s girlfriend (that MUST be in the Bro Code).  Ted calls out Stella’s reaction as merely looking for an out.  Turns out she’s right and eventually they go further than they had before (though not how you’d think…well not initially).  I’m curious to see how Chalke fits into this show.  Part of me believes she agreed to the guest spots when it seemed like Scrubs was going off the air.  Now that its renewed, I wonder if the writers have to change things up.  It would suck, because Stella and Ted work well together.

The problem with tonight’s episode was that it was terribly formulaic.  This is the problem with HIMYM.  It uses different plot devices to keep things fresh.  But at times you feel the devices are done too often.  That is until they go straightforward old school multi-camera sitcom.  And then you really want the devices.  A double edged sword it is.

Final Grade: B-


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