The Hills: The Next Move Is Yours

MTV, Mondays at 10:00PM 

Genre: Reality-ish

Conceit: Watch What Happens When MTV Stops Being Real And Starts Letting Producers Manipulate.

So here we are, at the end of the “season” and Spencer is still a douche.  I mean he always was but man, this guy moved exponentially throughout this season.  When Stephanie prefaced telling Spencer where Heidi was by saying “don’t do anything crazy”, what did she expect?  And man, did he go nuclear.  I mean racing from his car into the club?  There’s a thin line between devoted and obsessive.  And Spencer passed that line about a season and a half ago.  Obviously Brent Botlhouse wasn’t happy with the display (or was asked to act annoyed for the sake of the scene).  Either way, Heidi made the ridiculous choice of choosing Spencer over her job.  And she did it in wreckless fashion by not even showing up for her morning meeting.  She does remember that Spencer doesn’t have a job either, right?  My guess, SBE decided they wanted to end their relationship with “The Hills” ala Teen Vogue, and so they wrote them out like that.  Remember, this is only a reality-ish show after all.

Whitney’s back.  Its been a while.  She was back to her typical “really?  what happened?  tell me about it?” ways, but honestly, she’s a breath of fresh air compared to the stale wind that comes out of the normal cast.  She also tends to be the only reasonable one anymore.  She advised LC to talk to Audrina about this distance that LC’s been feeling; a distance which got a physical manifestation when Audrina walked by the kitchen, skipping out on dinner with the girls.  So at Lo’s urging, LC finally went to talk to Audrina in her house behind their house.  Audrina confesses what I’ve always believed: Lo is what’s pushing them apart.  And push comes to shove, LC picks Lo.  At least Audrina was actually assertive.  Which was completely different for her.  And so that’s another friendship in the trash for LC.  Well done.  Oddly enough, Audrina is the one who comes out looking like the winner.

So at the end of another “season” we have winners and losers.  Of course, Spencer is a synonym for loser.  So we won’t even address that.  But Heidi, who was a loser by the distributive property of Spencer,  became her own loser with that idiot SBE move.  Lo gets a loser award for trying so desperately hard to be on this show.  But the most surprising loser is LC.  This girl simply has not grown.  Period.  She’s the exact same girl 3 seasons later.  The winners are the two girls who seemingly get no screen time.  Whitney is finally moving forward in her life.  She is actually making smart decisions (albeit with MTV’s help) about her career.  The other winner is Audrina, who finally has started standing up on her own two feet.

PS, season 4 looks like the terribly lame old stuff its has been.

Final Grade: B-


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