The Hills: We’ll Never Be Friends

MTV, Mondays at 10:00PM

Genre: Reality-ish

Conceit: Watch What Happens When MTV Stops Being Real And Starts Letting Producers Manipulate.

And we’re back.  I’ll say this much: the first scene involving LC and Whitney talking while “working” at People’s Republic gave me hope.  One of the funniest parts of this show was the “Whitney as sounding board” bit back at Teen Vogue.  You know, where she says “So, what did you do” and then LC recaps what happened in the last scene we just saw and then Whitney says “Wow, how did that make you feel”.  Its so obviously meant to be an expositional tool, and its the obviousness that makes it funny.

Lauren went on a date with an old friend.  She decided if the guy was interesting, she’d invite him to Audrina’s birthday party.  Apparently sitting across from each other and not saying anything for minutes at a time counts as an interesting date.

Heidi (who’s hair gets blonder every minute) knew her sister Holly was coming to crash at her apartment for the weekend.  Of course she wouldn’t mention it to Spencer.  What would they fight about otherwise.  Sigh.  Oh, by the way, in case you weren’t sure whether or not the Heidi-Bolthouse marriage was one of convenience before, the fact that she didn’t get fired in the wake of that ridiculous stunt in last season’s finale is proof enough.  And Holly looks like Heidi and Whitney’s lovechild.

Dear Lo: we all get it.  You want to stay on the show by being the witch and pulling LC’s strings.  The funniest part of Lo’s conversation with Audrina was that she pretty much cut off Audrina’s sentences just to make her own part.  As always, Whitney and Audrina remain the only bearable people in this “reality”.

Pretty much the same ole same ole.  Man, producers, if you’re going to manipulate things, at least manipulate things in a new way.

Final Grade: C

PS  MTV, what was up with all the mainstream music in the episode?  If nothing else, this show is good for debuting a new artist every now and then.


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