Lost: There’s No Place Like Home
May 16, 2008

ABC, Thursdays at 10:00PM

Genre: Sci-Fi Drama

Conceit: The Thinking Man’s “Gilligan’s Island”.

There was this moment while I watched “Greatest Hits” last episode, where I started getting inexplicably excited.  Maybe its not inexplicable.  That episode really started moving stuff into place for the finale.  And Charlie’s life was or wasn’t going to end.  And it was all racing towards the end.  That’s exactly how I feel during hour one of this three hour finale.  

Jack and Sawyer.  Cyclops and Wolverine.  One is the only one who can lead.  The other is the only one you’d ever want in a fight.  Both men reached the helicopter and were one step away from just taking it back and saving the world.  Except one thing: Hurley is with Ben.  Ever since the first episode this season, we’ve been trying to figure out what Hurley meant when he told Jack he was sorry he went with Locke.  Is this it?  Is this the decision that changes everything?

I guarantee that you could not have guessed who it was doubling back on Kate and Sayid’s trail.  And when Nestor Carbonell walked through the leaves, all you thought was “that’s the missing piece; that’s what we need to make sense of this.”  Meanwhile, back on the tanker, we may be setting out for quite possibly the most tragic finale Lost has had yet.

Our flash forward went only a couple days into the future as the Oceanic 6 finally touch down in civilization.  Jack finds himself finally burying his “dad” and giving a very touching eulogy, only to be blindsided moments later with the revelation that he left his half-sister behind and he’s staring at his nephew.  Kate returned to the real world to remember that no one loves her except Claire’s baby, who she’s claimed as her own.  Hurley cannot escape the numbers, no matter how far from the island he gets.  His psychosis is just around the corner.  Sun shows that she has inherited her father’s ruthlessness.  And Sayid finally gets the girl.  I said before that Desmond and Penny are the “under the radar awesome couple”.  Sayid and Nadia are 2nd place for that award.  

I know this is only hour one of what was probably meant to be a three hour, one-shot finale, but I’m facing two realities.  First, I will be miserable waiting one week for the next episode.  Second, I will be beyond words, waiting for 8 to 9 months for the next episode.

Final Grade: A


Lost: The Shape Of Things To Come
April 25, 2008

ABC, Thursdays at 10:00PM

Genre: Sci-Fi Drama

Conceit: The Thinking Man’s “Gilligan’s Island”.

Man, never ever ask Lost to bring the action, if you’re not prepared.  Because last night, they brought with both barrels.  And what a ride it was.  It turns out that it was indeed the ship’s crew who killed The French Woman and Carl last week before they kidnapped Alex.  And sure enough, they made a bee-line straight to Ben’s front door with an ultimatum: surrender himself or she days.  Simple enough.  Ben, thinking he knows all at all times, calls their bluff.  And they shot Alex.  Man.  Its not as shocking that they shot Alex, as the fact that Ben was wrong.  Since his introduction in season 2, Ben has thrived on the fact that he just knows more.  He seemingly knew everything.  And he knew they wouldn’t shoot Alex.  But he was wrong.  “He changed the game.”

Flash forward and we find Ben face down in the desert.  We learn that he is in Tunisia, and we see a news story of Sayid burying his wife in Iraq.  Soon enough, we find Ben in Iraq, monitoring a man who is in fact monitoring Sayid.  Sayid catches up with Ben, who reveals that it was Charles Whidmore who caused Nadia’s death.  This is how Sayid and Ben start working together.  And it clarifies a big point: Ben is still on the island with the Oceanic-6 get off the island.

What was even more exhilarating than all the gun play and chases was the final show down between Charles Whidmore and Ben.  First of all, Ben can’t kill Whidmore.  Why?  Second, Whidmore claims that the island was always his and everything that Ben has he took from him.  How?  This show absolutely knows how to give answers with one hand and give questions with the other.

Sawyer really proved that he is a hero.  Maybe a conflicted hero, but a hero through and through.  Even though his roll in this episode was minor, he really used it well.  Also, in Hurley’s flash forward, when he tell’s Jack he’s sorry he went with Locke, did he mean going to Locke’s camp, or going with Locke and Ben to find Jacob?  Oh, and Ben entered what looks like a temple thing and moments later the smoke monster comes roaring back with a ferocity we have yet to see.  Awesome.

Final Grade: A+